Gaming Chairs

E250 Gaming Chairs
The dynamic appearance, true to the Nitro Concepts racing genes, is combined with first-class comfort and a breathable microfiber fabric as well as an optimized cold foam padding to create a maximum seating experience.
S300 EX Gaming Chairs
Make the best even better: With an imitation leather cover instead of fabric and a new design. The S300 EX is Nitro Concepts’ latest addition to the range of great gaming chairs, combining optimum ergonomics with an extravagant racing look in classy colours.
X1000 Transformers Edition
As the latest of the Nitro Concepts models, the X1000 is the perfect fit for a special edition thanks to its wide range of ergonomic features. Using PU imitation leather for the first time as a cover material, the intense colors of the Decepticons Edition come to life. Featuring a dynamic wireframe illustration of Megatron on the front, the chair represents the Decepticons gorgeously, immersing you in one of the biggest franchises in history.
X1000 Gaming Chairs
The Nitro Concepts X1000 has an innovative, futuristic design thanks to its angular lines and intricate stitching. Thus the X1000 will look great as part of your gaming setup!
S300 Gaming Chairs
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The S300 contains all the components of a top-class premium gaming chair, without the overblown price tag. Get top of the line performance and looks without breaking the bank!