- Fauteuil gaming S300 EX Carbon Black

Fauteuil gaming S300 EX Carbon Black

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Rendre le meilleur encore meilleur: avec une couverture en similicuir au lieu de tissu et un nouveau design. Le S300 EX est le dernier ajout de Nitro Concepts à la gamme de fauteuils de jeu de grande qualité, alliant une ergonomie optimale à un look de course extravagant dans des couleurs élégantes.
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S300 EX Gaming Chair


The Nitro Concepts S300 EX gaming chair sets new trends with its unique colour concept. Combined with high-quality materials, gamers can not only live out their colour dreams, but also expect versatile adjustability and best ergonomics. The chair is covered with a durable artificial leather, which is particularly soft, of high-quality and breathable. In combination with the open-pored cold foam upholstery, the S300 EX gaming chair offers a pleasant sitting feeling on warm days. But the deformation-resistant cold foam also provides a high degree of comfort on all other days after long use.

comfort S300 EX Gaming Chair


The S300 EX brings a whole new level of comfort to your gaming life. Thanks to its integrated H.E.A.T. ( Health Enhancing Adjustment Technology) system working in tandem with its ergonomics and shape, you’ll find hours flying by without noticing an ounce of strain on the back. Every Nitro Concepts chair comes with head and lumbar support pillows with optimal shape included free of charge, which can be indiviudally adjusted.

ergonomic support S300 EX Gaming Chair


To play at peak performance during long play sessions, staying focussed all the while of demanding tasks or enjoy watching videos to the fullest, it’s important to have a reliable, ergonomic seat like the S300 EX that protects your back and prevents any painful aches. This lowers the potential for long-term health issues and enables you to always be ready to win. To ensure that the breathtaking design of the S300 EX series can be enjoyed for a long time, the first-class upholstery is based on an extremely sturdy steel frame.

eye-catching design S300 EX Gaming Chair


The Nitro Concepts S300 EX gaming chairs not only set impressive accents with the colourful imitation leather upholstery. The large embroidered flame of the Nitro Concepts logo in the backrest gives the S300 EX Series that extra something to make it unique. Add to this the stylish logo and lettering in the headrest, which complements an eye-catching design element to the chic gaming chair. In addition, the chair cross has the matching accessory colour thanks to plastic trim strips.

ulimited customization S300 EX Gaming Chair


We want the S300 EX to be a perfect fit for every user. With adjustability options for the rocking backrest, for the overall chair height, and for the armrests (which move up and down, forward and backwards, and turn sideways), Nitro Concepts brings meaningful options for everybody and makes the S300 EX the top-of-the-range-model.


  • Hauteur totale (avec base): env. 128 - 140 cm
  • Réglage en hauteur: ca. 48 - 61 cm
  • Largeur du dossier (au niveau des épaules/niveau du bassin/point de contact): 53 / 56 / 48 cm
  • Longueur du dossier: ca. 87 cm
  • Largeur des places assises (total/point de contact): env. 57 / 47 cm
  • Profondeur de l'assise (total/point de contact): env. 56 / 47 cm
  • Largeur des accoudoirs: ca. 9,5 cm
  • Profondeur des accoudoirs: ca. 25,5 cm
  • Mécanisme à bascule: max. 14 °
  • Dimensions du colis: 88 cm x 68 cm x 38 cm
  • Poids net / brut: 24,5 / 27,5 kg
  • Angle d'inclinaison du dossier: 90 ° - 135 °


  • Accoudoirs 3D
  • Système de réglage H.E.A.T
  • Roulettes de 50 mm
  • Piston à gaz classe de sécurité 4
  • Mécanisme de bascule haut°
  • Rembourrage confortable en mousse froide
  • Coussins de tête et lombaires
  • Poids maximum (utilisateur): 135 kg


  • Châssis en acier
  • Nylon (base cinq étoiles)
  • Mousse froide (rembourrage)
  • Faux cuir PU (couverture)
  • Tissu (oreillers)
  • Nylon / Polyuréthane (roulettes)

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