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Kulmikkaat linjat sekä yksityiskohtainen tikkaus luo Nitro Concepts X1000 -pelituolille innovatiivisen ja futuristisen ulkoasun. X1000 sopiikin taatusti pelipisteesi kruununjalokiveksi!
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The latest addition to Nitro Concepts range of gaming chairs, the X1000 features the largest seat and backrest we've yet to offer. It is notably stylish with a unique angular design and complementary stitching. The X1000 has Nitro Concepts characteristic colourful presence: coming in a complete Stealth Black or a combination black with Inferno Red, Galactic Blue or Radiant White highlights.

Innovative Design with Intense Colours!

The Nitro Concepts X1000 sets itself apart from its competitors through its vibrant colours and ergonomic design. A combination of high quality fabric and PU leather ensure that whether the X1000 is used for work or play the user will remain comfortable over hours of use. To make the X1000 even more comfortable there are many options to adjust it to your preference. While the cold foam upholstery ensures the X1000 is comfortable even on hot summer days.

A steel frame structure for an impressively vibrant chairs

By manufacturing the X1000 with a solid steel frame Nitro Concepts ensures that this chair will last for the long term. But the high quality fabric used for the seat and backrest also makes it comfortable. Overall the X1000's combination of outstanding German engineering with high-precision manufacturing ensures a flawless and extremely durable chair.

Superior Comfort Through Premium Upholstery

The X1000 series makes several advancements beyond previous Nitro Concepts chairs. Aesthetic details make the X1000 an attractive item for the home or office. For instance the Nitro Concepts' flame logo has been embroidered on the top of the chair and it features unique geometric stitching. The distinctive shell design also evokes the unmistakable look of a racing seat.

Unique & Improved Adjustability Options

The fresh, vibrant design combined with numerous ergonomic adjustment options only adds to the ergonomic advantages of the Nitro Concepts X1000. The chair is equipped with a solid Class 4 gas lift allowing height adjustment. Meanwhile an integrated rocking mechanism enables you to lean back up to 14 degrees. Furthermore the X1000 series offers an adjustable backrest as well as flexible 3D armrests. With such an extensive range of ergonomic options you are guaranteed to enjoy the perfect posture!

The Perfect Position for Every User

The X1000 series includes such features as 3D armrests to help users feel comfortable and find the perfect seating position. Due to their superb flexibility these 3D armrest are ideal for the sport-orientated approach of gaming chairs. They can be adjusted comfortably in three dimensions and they allow any user to make them their own. The adjustability of the backrest and rocking mechanism is perfect for those who like to sit back and relax when gaming. the backrest can be move from angles between 90 and 125 degrees. Thus you have the options to sit back and relax during play or even take a short nap!

Designed for Hard and Soft Flooring

A durable nylon base serves as the foundation for the X1000. Its five arms are highlighted by the addition of coloured accents and equipped with quiet castors. The 60 mm castors are made from a hard nylon core with a soft polyurethane covering. This means they run quietly over both hard and soft floors. The gaming chair is equipped with a stable base and the hydraulic lift is rated Safety Class 4 supporting weights up to 135 kg.


  • Korkeus (pohja mukaanlukien): noin 119 - 128,6cm
  • Korkeuden säätö: 41 - 50,6cm
  • Selkänojan leveys (hartioiden korkeus): noin 55cm
  • Selkänojan leveys (alaosa): 56cm
  • Selkänojan pituus: noin 86cm
  • Selkänojan säätö: 90°; - 125°;
  • Istuin, leveys: 54.5cm
  • Istuin, syvyys: noin 56cm
  • Käsinojien leveys: noin 10cm
  • Käsinojien syvyys: 25cm
  • Käsinojien säätö: 3 suuntaa
  • Keinumekanismi: maks. 14°;
  • Maksimipaino: 135kg


  • Teräs (runko)
  • Kylmävaahto (verhoilu)
  • Kangas (verhoilu)
  • PVC (tyynyt, selkänoja & istuin)
  • Keinonahka, Nylon, Teräs (käsinojat)
  • Nylon, ABS (jalusta, selkänojan sisäosa)
  • Nylon / Polyuretaani (rullat)
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Nitro Concepts X1000 Series - Kokoamisohjeet

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