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Why Nitro Concepts?

The Nitro Concepts team consists of experienced veterans from the textile industry, who are all avid gamers at the same time. We have banded together at the end of 2015 in our aspiration to create innovative high-quality, yet affordable gaming products for every day home use, office use and professional eSports alike. Thanks to our profound know-how and deep industry ties, we are in the unique position to develop relaxing gaming chairs from choice materials with intriguing characteristics.

We have listened closely to user feedback for years and are committed to deliver exactly those gaming chairs to the market that gamers crave for, while maintaining an excellent price-performance-ratio. Our clear focus on smart ergonomics, stylish design and user-friendly functionality enables gamers around the world to unleash their full skill potential. The lauded comfort of each Nitro Concepts gaming chair lets you fully concentrate on the gameplay at hand without any undesired distractions. For individualisation, every Nitro Concepts chair is always available in sundry colour variants.

What materials are used for the chairs and the seating area?

We only use these high-grade materials for producing the Nitro Concepts gaming chairs:

– 100% vegan PU faux leather cover
– Rear or side bolsters made of PVC with carbon look (carbon models only)
– Frame consists of sturdy steel
– Comfy cold foam upholstery straight from the factory
– Robust five-star base made of nylon
– Casters with nylon core and PU coating

What surfaces are the Nitro Concepts gaming chairs suited for?

Thanks to the polyurethane coating of the swivel casters, all Nitro Concepts gamer seats are equally suited for hard floors (laminate, parquet, cork, screed, wooden floorboards, wooden tiles, stone, granite, linoleum, ceramic tiles) and soft floors (carpets, mats, rugs, pelts). In order to shield particularly sensitive surfaces from abrasion, we recommend using a floor protector.

Can I return my chair?

In the European Union, the purchase of any Nitro Concepts gaming chair can be revoked and thus returned within 14 days after having received the chair in accordance with the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU that has been implemented into national law of all member states. Please check your respective retailer’s shop for more information about the shipping and return options.

How long is the manufacturer warranty?

Nitro Concepts grants 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty starting after having received the chair. Natural wear through conventional use is excluded from the warranty. The warranty handling is exclusively being done by your retailer / e-tailer or our direct distribution partners. For questions you can always reach us via our contact form or our social media channels. Beyond that, customers are also able to make use of the legally mandated liability for product defects via the seller (your retailer / e-tailer) for handling claims within the European Union during the same time period.

How much weight can the Nitro Concepts gaming chairs withstand?

All Nitro Concepts gamer seats are approved for a maximum user weight of 120 kg for one person. The main weight should always be centred in the middle of the seating area, in order to stress the casters uniformly.

How can I clean my chair?

The gaming chair’s covering made of PU imitation leather is very easy to clean. By using a microfibre cloth and a little water, stains and dirt can be removed quickly. For more tenacious soiling like from ink, rubbing alcohol can be used. In order to increase the longevity of the gaming chair, a good imitation leather conditioner should be applied weekly – this protects the material from cracking and moisture.

Where can i find the manual?

You can download the manual [PDF] here: Nitro Concepts S300 Manual

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